Holiday Accommodation Seaton

Holiday Accommodation Seaton
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Welcome To Our Coastal Holiday Accommodation Seaton

Directly on the East Devon Coast Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and facing Lyme Bay, Seaton is the kind of seaside town that offers peace, entertainment, fresh air, and stunning landscape. Like many towns in Devon, Seaton provides a mix of stunning countryside and peaceful coast life. But our coastal holiday accommodation Seaton offers the ideal balance of town facilities and tranquil countryside. Our guests are only a short distance away from Seaton, but they have all the advantages of an isolated location, away from the noise of the cars and the urban buzz of activities. It’s, for many of our holidaymakers, the best place in Devon to recharge their batteries and relax before heading back to their everyday routine. Our holiday accommodation in Seaton offers you the perfect break to forget about your stress and worries and reconnect with nature.
Who would enjoy the holiday accommodation Seaton?
For couples who want to enjoy a romantic getaway by the beach without all the fuss and distraction of the typical beach resort vacations, the holiday accommodation offers the perfect compromise of coastline and peace.
Families with children and dogs will feel immediately at home in this accommodation that comes with a large garden and plenty of room for pets and kids to play safely away from the dangers of the road. Besides, Seaton is a beacon of outdoors life. You’ll have a vast choice of activities to enjoy, and, bonus, most of them are dog-friendly too.
Finally, birdwatchers and landscape enthusiasts love the diversity of East Devon. Our wetlands are a paradise for bird connoisseurs, as the local bird population is diverse, with birds crossing from the continent too. The location of the holiday accommodation in Seaton by the Jurassic coastlines makes it a top destination for landscape photographers, both amateurs and professionals.
Planning your holiday in Seaton
While you need a car to get to the self-catering holiday accommodation in Seaton, you can enjoy a variety of car-free activities once you’ve made it here. Families love the ride through the countryside on board of the Seaton Tramway, a vintage tram that takes you through a discovery of the local wildlife and landscape.
The Seaton Wetlands Reserve is an exciting area that attracts a variety of wildlife, including birds, but you can also spot otters at the Borrow Pit Pond and wildfowl grazing freely. Holidaymakers have been known to take stunning photos of their visits!
And for those who love nothing more than spending a day at the beach, the holiday accommodation Seaton is a short distance from one of the most beautiful beaches in Devon, Seaton Hole!
To cook or not to cook in Seaton?
The accommodation is fully equipped with a functional kitchen, which means that you can relax together around a home-cooked meal. But there are plenty of delicious alternatives around. You will find some of the best seafood restaurants and takeaways along the coast. Besides, let’s not forget that Devon is the birthplace of cream tea. Now’s your chance to discover which of the cream or the jam goes first.

Take the family to a British coastline vacation they’ll remember and book our holiday accommodation in Seaton now!