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Seaside breaks
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The Best Seaside Breaks Are In East Devon

You don’t need to go far to find the best seaside breaks. At a time when holidaymakers need to become more environmentally-conscious, tropical beach destinations are a dangerous choice to make. Besides, everybody agrees that a long-haul flight may not be the best way of beginning your holiday. After all, why says seaside breaks need to include jetlag, foreign currency, and remote locations?
You can find everything you need for a relaxing coastline vacation filled with exciting memories in East Devon. Don’t believe us? Here is why you should book your next seaside breaks and all of the others in beautiful Devon:
Seaside breaks and Jurassic Coastline discovery
The Jurassic coastline is a World Heritage Site that stretches from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset. It’s a whopping 96 miles of a walk through time that takes you back 185 million years into the history of the planet. If you keep your eyes open during your walk along the coastline, you can even spot a few fossils. Fossil hunters recommend heading to Lyme Regis when you start looking for fantastic fossils; lying directly under your feet amongst the beach pebbles. For holidaymakers, it’s fair to say that no other seaside breaks can make you feel like a treasure hunter as much as Devon breaks.

But even if you’re not interested in fossils, you can still enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Seaton Hole is one of the most beautiful beaches in Devon, and it is the closest beach to the bungalow. Relax and enjoy the day by the sea. Even in winter, the coastal landscape is breathtaking in Devon.
What can you expect from a Devon seaside vacation?
Devon is the only county in the UK with two coastlines, which means that there is no better region for seaside breaks. You are never far away from the sea. Besides, the proximity of the sea guarantees fresh and healthy sea breeze for all your outdoor activities, whether you’re going for a walk or you’re heading for your first fishing lesson. Devon is an ideal location to relax and boost your immune system in the fresh air.
Additionally, the stunning countryside of East Devon is a welcome change from your typical beach resort vacation. Gorgeous green hills and moors paint a relaxing landscape by the sea. Breathe in. Breathe out. You’re in peace. That’s precisely why seaside breaks in Devon have always been popular of all times – even Agatha Christie loved them!
Seaside breaks for wildlife lovers in Devon
Devon gives you a beach holiday with a countryside twist. For urban dwellers, it’s the perfect combination to reconnect to nature. You can head to the Seaton Wetlands reserve to observe a variety of wildlife species, including some exciting local bird populations.
Dartmoor free-roaming ponies are also a phenomenal source of excitement for city tourists looking for a nature-friendly getaway. Be careful not to get too close, though!

If you are looking for seaside breaks that bring you closer to nature, look no further than East Devon. Book your relaxing holiday before it’s too late!