Last Minute Self Catering Lyme Regis

Last Minute Self Catering, Lyme Regis

What do you think about when you picture your holidays? The days out? Relaxing on a beach? Going on local tours or boating trips? Whatever choice of holiday you’re on, I’m sure there is one subject that gets a fair amount of consideration. The food and drink we enjoy, especially when relaxing or taking a holiday, even if its on the last minute, is a big part of the many joys we get out of life and we therefore like to make the most of the experience while we are away. Whether you visit a local restaurant or buy some delicacies from the local markets, having beautiful food and drink in beautiful surroundings, adds to the fullness and soul soothing experience of a good holiday. Having a kitchen at your holiday location, if you choose to book self catering, means you can bring your bought delights to your accommodation and mix and match them in meals or snacks as you see fit. For example, purchasing a locally made apple pie made from Dorset’s very own variety and choice of home grown succulent and juicy apples, is a must if you want to really experience what Dorset has to offer.
Lyme Regis sits in the county of Dorset, home to some beautiful foods and a wide choice of local produce. Situated just 11 minutes’ drive away, is West Ridge Bungalow, located in Devon, and offering self catering accommodation. Why not check it out for all of your last minute vacations and holidays? Should you wish therefore to experience the best of both worlds (Dorset and Devon) then this self catering accommodation is in the perfect choice for you.
West Ridge Bungalow encourage you to have a look at the availability of our accommodation, even if your holiday is a last minute arrangement, in order for you to really experience the joys of self catering in such a beautiful location. Devon experiences some gorgeous weather, especially in the spring and summer months, and with our huge enclosed gardens and garden furniture, you could be experiencing all the food and drink you find from local shops in areas such as Lyme Regis, al fresco. Have all the privacy that you want and that self catering accommodation offers, sat amongst the trees and green lush gardens at this self catering bungalow near Lyme Regis.
Some other delights you can enjoy during your self catering holiday include foods like the Blue Dorset Vinney. It has Protected Geographical Status, meaning that only if it is created in Dorset, can it truly be called Blue Dorset Vinney. This white crumbly cheese goes very well with other local dishes and foods. Why not have a look at some other locally produced food and drink, so you can really enjoy your holidays, even the last minute ones, to the full.
For last minute self catering, Lyme Regis, take a look at West Ridge Bungalow. For more information, we invite you to contact us.