Coastal holidays Lyme Regis

Coastal holidays, Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis offers the holiday maker one of the best British coastal holidays around. With spectacular views along the shorelines, cliffs and beaches, there is plenty to do and keep you busy. Check out the availability of West Ridge Bungalow, near Lyme Regis.
Along with the usual attractions you can expect from any destination that is popular for holidays, Lyme Regis offers the nature lover some beautiful walks and tours, taking in many different sites and areas, offering a new perspective every time you look out at different times of the day. The coast line faces out mostly to the south, but due to the angle affords some beautiful views of the sun rise over the waters and sunsets over the cliffs and coast line, and Lyme Regis’ harbour walls.
The Undercliff
The Undercliff is a 7-mile coastal path that stretches from Lyme Regis to Axmouth. This forms part of the National Nature Reserve that takes you through sheltered woodland areas, as you follow this coastal road. The woodland areas on this coastal walk is said to be the closest example of a rainforest you will find in the UK, as the warm and humid climate allows for the growth of some stunning plant life and wildlife. This area is famous for being an active coastal landslide that constantly changes and reshapes with each landslip. This coastal walk, therefore, can be a challenge as you make your way through and past rock cavities and dense woodland.
The River Lim Path
As you can expect from any coastal holidays, there are some beautiful bodies of water to admire and explore. As you walk along the coastal path along the beaches of Lyme Regis, you will come to the bridge over the mouth of the River Lim as the inland waters make there way back to the sea. This spot in itself provides an ever-changing beauty as the coastal line expands and ebbs with the turning tide, and the River itself flows and swells with the changing seasons and weather. As you follow the path of the River inwards and towards some of the shopping locations, complete with restaurants, cafes, gift shops and art galleries, you will see some of the prettiest little pathways and bridges, that allow you to keep close to the River and it leads you further and further upstream.
Church Cliff Walk
Lyme Regis saw the opening of this walk in 2015 after a huge project to improve the coastal line began in 2013. This stretch of sea wall helps to stabilise the coastal slopes and cliffs, that are subject to landslips.
This remarkable piece of architecture and construction is a 1,200 ft long, 27metres deep sea wall. This in all, forms part of the very complex, but beautiful coastal protection project, that is now open for walkers and those enjoying their holidays in Lyme Regis.
For accommodation for your holidays in Lyme Regis, West Ridge Bungalow is in the ideal location. It is an 11 minutes’ drive from the coastal town, or you can follow a 2 hour and 43-minute walk along the coast right into Lyme Regis.