Holiday Cottages Devon

Are you planning a holiday to Devon? Maybe you’re thinking about taking your family to this quaint little area and enjoying a week away from hectic city life. Or, perhaps you’re considering a romantic break away with your loved one? Either way, you’ve made an excellent choice as Devon is one the hottest holiday destinations in the UK. It has so much to offer, with so many great attractions that are perfect for all kinds of tourists. If you want a peaceful getaway or a more active holiday that takes you sightseeing and exploring, Devon has everything you need.
Holiday Cottages in Devon
One of the best things about this destination is that there are so many accommodation options for you to choose from. Things range from lovely little B&B’s, not cute holiday cottages in Devon. Here at West Ridge Bungalow, we provide a self-catering cottage that’s perfect for your every need.

The beauty of our holiday cottage is that it gives you a lovely base during your trip. You don’t have to worry about sharing your accommodation with other guests, meaning you have as much privacy as you want. This is heightened by the excellent location overlooking the serene Seaton area of Devon. Our cottage is not surrounded by shops or other houses, it’s nice and isolated, giving you time alone when you need it most. However, don’t feel as though this puts you on the outskirts of Devon - it doesn’t. You’re still very close to the main motorway, making all the key tourist spots just a short drive from your holiday cottage. This location makes it ideal for family holidays or romantic getaways where you just need a little bit of space from the outside world.

To add to this, like most holiday cottages in Devon, our one is self-catered. This means you can save loads of money by not having to pay for overpriced breakfasts or meals. We know that many hotels or B&B’s charge way too much for food that’s normally not as good as what you can make yourself. So, with self-catered accommodation, you can cook whatever you like. Not only that, but you can eat whenever you like too, with no set meal times disrupting your day! If you want to have a nice long lie in and eat breakfast at 11 am, then you can!
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When you plan a holiday, you want to feel assured that you’ve paid for the best accommodation you can find. The benefit of holiday cottages in Devon is that you get your own little place to set up camp. Your holiday will follow your own schedule, and you can stay in a gorgeous little cottage with exceptional views.

So, do you want the best holiday cottage in Devon? Contact us today, and we can help you make a booking right away. Our cottage is extremely popular, so the quicker you act, the more chance there is of suitable dates being available. Give us a call, or send an email, and we’ll provide you with all the booking information.