Holiday Homes Lyme Regis

Few places in the UK offer as much to holiday goers as Devon does. It’s simply one of the most beautiful regions in the country, packed full of endless highlights. One of the reasons it’s such a popular location is because it really is a place for everyone. Family holidays are made for it; there are loads of things to do as a group, and plenty of child-friendly attractions too. Couple’s holidays are just as perfect; it provides a romantic setting for your peaceful getaway. You could even come here with a group of friends too; there’s so much to do!

Naturally, when you’re planning a trip to this pint-sized piece of paradise, you need to think about the best places to stay. Seeing as there are so many lovely places in this area of the UK, it can be hard to figure out where to set up shop. At West Ridge Bungalow, we’re one of the top providers of holiday homes in hot locations near Devon, such as Lyme Regis.
Holiday Homes in Lyme Regis
Lyme Regis is such an exceptional place to visit during your stay in Devon. It can boast so many natural wonders, such as an array of sandy beaches with clear blue seas. It’s known as being a resort that people can relax in, while also exploring the surrounding area too. There are loads of fossils in and around the area, making this a hotspot for keen palaeontologists! It’s fascinating to walk along the coast and be met with ancient fossils that dazzle and amaze.

Alongside this, it has an iconic harbour that you simply have to visit and walk around. It’s set near some stunning blue cliffs, and there are a whole host of historical landmarks for you to enjoy as well. From educational attractions to cultural exhibitions, and then just plain old fashioned fun on the beach - you won’t be short on things to do here!
Self-Catering Holiday Homes With Modern Comforts
When you’re looking for holiday homes in Lyme Regis and the Devonshire area, you want to book something that provides for your basic needs, while also being very affordable. Seeing as our holiday home is self-catering, we offer cheap accommodation compared to others in the area. We don’t force you to pay more just so you can have food in your accommodation; feel free to eat out as much as you like, or bring home some Devonshire treats after a long day!

With our holiday home, you also get a host of modern comforts to make you feel at ease. This includes a contemporary kitchen, washing machine, and free broadband. There’s even satellite TV to keep you entertained in the evening, or during the mornings as you eat breakfast in an insanely comfortable bed.
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So, if you’re planning a holiday to Devon, and are looking for holiday homes in the surrounding area, then contact us today, and we’ll provide with one that’s close to some top destinations like Lyme Regis. Give us a call, or send an email, and we’ll provide booking information. Make sure you act fast as spots fill up very quickly - especially during summer!