Holiday Homes Devon

Devon is one of the most delightful holiday destinations in the whole of the United Kingdom. You’ll struggle to find a more magnificent place to spend a few days with your family. From gorgeous sandy beaches to the stunning natural scenery - it’s a real beauty to behold. There’s something for everyone in Devon, whether you enjoy taking long walks, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying a spot of sightseeing, it’s the ideal holiday destination!

Despite the popularity of the place, Devon remains a peaceful and tranquil area to spend a short holiday. It’s not one of those holiday destinations that’s been tarnished by commercialism, and you won’t find many big-budget hotels lining the little streets. As a result, most people look for holiday homes in Devon when they’re looking to stay there for more than a few days. There are a wealth of cute little houses and bungalows to choose from, which can make it hard to find the most suitable accommodation. Thankfully, West Bride Bungalow solves all your problems for you!
Gorgeous Holiday Homes in Devon
There are a few things to consider when choosing a lovely holiday home in Devon. The first of which is the location. Ideally, you want to find somewhere that’s close to all the hotspots but isn’t in an overcrowded place. With West Ridge Bungalow, you have one of the prettiest holiday homes in Devon, in one of the best locations you can imagine.

Our little home is placed in a neat spot that provides you with unbelievable views of the Seaton area. You’re surrounded by green and blue for as far as your eyes can see, with excellent views of the glistening sea and lush countryside. What’s more, we’re located just a short drive away from the main motorway, giving you easy transport links to and from your temporary abode. You’ll be staying somewhere that’s remote enough to make you feel cut off from the busy city life you’re used to but doesn’t make you feel too isolated.
Self-Catering Accommodation
Our peaceful little holiday home is self-catering, which gives you the freedom to eat whatever you like during your stay in Devon. It’s a place famous for some delectable treats like clotted cream scones, fresh fish & chips, and perfect pastries - meaning you might spend most of your days eating out at one of the excellent eateries on offer! However, if you desire a nice homecooked meal, or want to have a lie in and eat breakfast in bed, then you can save money by buying your own food and cooking it at your holiday home.
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Give yourself a true taste of life in Devon by opting for our holiday accommodation, we have everything you need to ensure your stay is a memorable one! We offer one of the most sought-after holiday homes in Devon, so you better act fast if you want to make a booking! Contact us today, and we’ll see how many spaces we have available and if we can accommodate you during your desired dates.