Last minute accommodation Devon

Devon is a beautiful part of the world and every year, millions of people visit our shores, towns and villages for some much-needed relaxation. Whether you are traveling from a distance or are from a nearby county, to get the best out of the area, and to truly enjoy what’s on offer in Devon, organise to book yourself some accommodation for your time away.
More and more people, in modern times, are finding that booking things in advance is not always entirely possible. Time restraints, family commitments and work schedules can mean that the time we do manage for ourselves is found at the eleventh-hour. Therefore, any chance we had of going away may seem lost. Even if you do book something years ahead of the dates you have in mind, some unforeseen occurrence can mean you have to cancel, last minute, any holiday accommodation you have booked. Then you may try and find accommodation somewhere closer to home.
East Devon and West Dorset is home to a stretch of coastline, officially listed as a natural World Heritage Site. Making it a place you will want to visit at some point or other in the course of the future. Finding time for a quick getaway, doesn’t always mean you can find the best locations or accommodation, and you may feel limited in choice.
West Ridge Bungalow located in Seaton, Devon, is the ideal solution if you either need a quick getaway, or your holiday abroad has been cancelled and you want to stay closer to home. With our available dates listed clearly on the website, you can book late minute accommodation in Devon with us for any time of the year.
Devon boasts some excellent weather for most of the year, and some of the prettiest views in England. With plenty to do here, you may find that booking a hotel, or staying in overnight B & B, just doesn’t give you the time to really make the most of your days out and experiences. Having time to spread your last minute travels over the course of many days, makes the journey more worth the while. With some of the best food venues, excellent local produce and markets, you can really experience Devon to the full by booking accommodation which offers kitchen facilities. To get a view of the kitchen in our bungalow accommodation in Devon, click here.
The bungalow is situated near enough to the towns of Exeter and Taunton and the village of Colyford, should you have last minute excursions planned of the local area, and rural enough to enjoy the peace and quiet you need and require during your time away.
If you have been invited to a special event being held in Devon, and you need some accommodation that will allow you the time and space to really enjoy the day to the full, then book last minute accommodation, Devon and stay at the West Ridge Bungalow.
For last minute accommodation, Devon based West Ridge Bungalow we await your contact.