Last Minute Cottages to Rent Seaton

Are you searching the internet for last minute cottages to rent? Why not have a look at the West Ridge Bungalow, based in the popular holiday resort and seaside town Seaton? Here are some reasons we encourage you to consider our accommodation for rent in Seaton.
The Grounds
As our cottage to rent is set in a rural area, from every angle of our holiday home, you have view of the countryside of Devon as well as a beautiful prospect of the sea coast. As our accommodation has a large garden to the south of the property, and an orchard and paddock to the rear of the property, it is the ideal place to sit and relax in the sunshine, and get some fresh air. For that reason, those of you that are booking and in need of a last minute holiday break and some much needed R and R, our Seaton based accommodation is the perfect choice. Previous visitors to West Ridge Bungalow enjoyed the space available especially if they had a dog, as the grounds are secure and ideal for playing with and entertaining your pets.
Check out the testimonials of others who have enjoyed and benefitted from staying at West Ridge Bungalow.
The Area
West Ridge Bungalow is within a 55 minute walk of, or a 7-minute drive to, Beer beach. This beautiful cove is surrounded by white cliffs and hosts an abundance of boats for you to admire. You can even hire your own boat from a local boat hire and enjoy a few hours fishing. Alternatively, you can just sit admiring the views from the clean, dog friendly beach while enjoying a fresh crab sandwich from one of the local cafes.
Seaton Beach is also within easy distance of West Ridge Bungalow, and provides visitors with a mile-long beach to stroll along, while enjoying the sunshine or one of the pretty sunsets we often see at Seaton.
Lyme Regis is a 17-minute drive away from Seaton, and is home to harbour wall otherwise known as ‘the cobb’, which is a landmark well-known for its appearance in Jane Austen's novel, Persuasion, as well as other favourite works of fiction.
While traveling around the area to any of the above towns and villages, you will see idyllic cottages that the east Devon coast is well-known for, and that create a picturesque and tranquil feel to the area.
Available Dates
The website makes it very easy for anyone looking for last minute cottages to rent. Seaton, as you can see above, provides an ideal location for anyone wanting to get away, last minute, but wants to take in as many of the sites and attractions as possible. Simply check out the available dates page for more information on rent accommodation prices, and see if your dates are available for holiday hire. If you have any questions or queries, use our contact page. We look forward to helping you to book your last minute retreat.